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Weekly markets

Weekly markets are an important opportunity for local people, especially housewives, to meet at the market for a chat and to buy fresh produce. The markets offer top quality fruit and vegetables, local produce, delicacies, cold meats and cheeses, arrosticini and fried fish. In addition to food, there is always an area dedicated to clothing and accessories, where you can find real bargains. If you are on holiday at Lake Idro, don’t miss one of the weekly markets in Valle Sabbia or Valle del Chiese. In the past, the “della Nozza” market in the municipality of Vestone was the most important market in the area, where people flocked to buy all kinds of things, including farm animals such as pigs and chickens. Times have changed, but a trip to the market remains a tradition, an experience that should absolutely be done. Below is a list of markets.

Lago d’Idro

  • Anfo: Friday in Via Calcaterra
  • Bagolino: Tuesday in Bagolino e in Ponte Caffaro
  • Idro: Wednesdays in Via Vittoria in Crone

Valle Sabbia

  • Capovalle: Thursday in Via XXIV Maggio
  • Gavardo: Wednesdays in Piazza Aldo Moro, Via della Ferrovia e Via Schiave
  • Serle: Tuesdays in Piazza Mercato
  • Treviso Bresciano: Saturday in Piazza Mercato
  • Vestone: Mondays a Nozza e in Piazza Garibaldi
  • Villanuova sul Clisi: Friday in Via Donatori di Sangue
  • Vobarno: Friday in Via Posta, Via Chiusure, Via Castegnino
  • Salò: Saturday, Piazza Martiri Della Libertà


Valle del Chiese

  • Storo: Saturday in Via Roma
  • Borgo Chiese: Thursday in Piazza San Rocco


Valle di Ledro

  • Pieve di Ledro: Thursday in Via P.A. Cassoni