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    Hiking Dosso Sassello at Lake Idro

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    Hiking Dosso Sassello at Lake Idro

    We start this hiking in Pieve Vecchia (Idro). If you come by car, park it below the church. The road  leads to the parking lot at the right of the Q8 petrol station. At the intersection on the main road (opposite the hairdresser) we follow the steep street up towards the mountain. Dosso Sassello is already indicated here. We have to follow hiking trail 457. In other words, follow the red / white signposts.

    This mountain trail is indicated as a medium difficulty. This is partly because it is quite steep. But don’t let this put you off. Take your time, you’re on vacation. To get on top you need about an hour and a half (1006m). The height difference is + – 600 meters from the start to the end. In total this Hiking is about 8 kilometers long.

    Instead of taking the same way back, you can also continue, above there is a signpost with Tre Capitelli (458). We  have not walked  this trail but have heard that it is quite narrow, so be careful.


    Put on good walking shoes and bring plenty to drink. On top of the mountain is a table with benches. You can enjoy your lunch here !!!