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Ferry Idra – Timetable Lake Idro

Cruising on Idro Lake with the Idra ferry is a great experience that lets you discover the lake from a different point of view!

The tourist ferry service on Idro Lake runs from mid-June to mid-September.
The trip, which lasts about two hours, allows you to observe and visit the surroundings of Lake Idro: with departure and arrival in Lemprato, Idra also makes stops in Crone, Vantone, Anfo, Vesta, Baitoni and Ponte Caffaro.
The ferry service is also ideal for hikers and cyclists who wish to undertake trekking, via ferrata and routes around the lake. All pets are also welcome on board.
The boat trip is perfect for all ages: for the little ones it is a great adventure and for the older ones a discovery of the water and nature around them.

Tickets can only be bought on the boat.

Consult the boat’s timetable below

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